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March 9, 2024

Cat show Schiedam

It’s time to celebrate! 🥳

Because today at the show in Schiedam Holland, our

cats got a lot of love from the judges 😍

Rinacci’s Proud Mary got EX1 and her first CAC. It was the first time she showed since she was a kitten AND got kittens of her own, leaving the judge to draw a big heart on her rapport! 💕

Rinacci’s Dolly Parton gained her 3th CAC so she became a champion! 😻

And… Miss Rinacci Ville Ancienne can call herself our first ever KITTEN CHAMPION in the house 💥😍

October 29, 2022

World Show Belgium

The FiFé World Show was in Belgium!

We were here with Rinacci's Dolly Parton. She participated in the kitten category and became Best in Variety from the cream bicolours! ❤️

GIC Rinacci's Jim Dandy DVM was in Beverwijk, The Netherlands.

2x CACS, 2x chosen as Best in Variety, 2x nominated for Best in Show which he won one time! ❤️

On top of that he also became Best of Best!

Catshow Beverwijk

November 20, 2021

We were at the FiFé Catshow in Perray en Yvelines, France, last weekend.


  • GIC Rinacci's Jim Dandy > CACS, NOM Best in Show, Best in Variety. He now is DVM and that's so well deserved! 💕

  • Rinacci's Bella Grace > CAC, NOM Best in Show and became a Champion today!

  • Rinacci's Proud Mary > ex1, Best in Variety, won Best in Show and got the title "judges favorite" ❤️

  • Ch Rinacci's Norah Jones > CACIB, NOM Best in Show and became International Champion!

There also was a Special British category where Rinacci's Jim Dandy became "Best British" and Rinacci's Proud Mary became "Best Junior"! We were totally in shock 😱😍


  • GIC Rinacci's Jim Dandy DVM > ex1, NOM Best in Show, lost BIV from his daughter Rinacci's Proud Mary

  • CH Rinacci's Bella Grace > ex1 CACIB, NOM Best in Show

  • IC Rinacci's Norah Jones > ex1 CAGCIB, NOM Best in Show

  • Rinacci's Proud Mary > ex1, Best in Variety and won Best in Show again! ❤️

Catshow France

November 7, 2021

Rinacci's Victoria Plum was at the WCF catshow in Moskou, Russia. She got her Challenge Certificates in the junior category and won Best of Breed! Big thanks to her new owner to show her!

Catshow Moskou

October 24, 2020

We were at the FiFé World Show 2019 in Germany with the following results:

  • GIC Rinacci's Tiger Lily got excellent 1 and her CACS certificate out of 3 blue ladies

  • Rinacci's Marie Antoinette became first in her category and won Best in Variety and also got nominated for Best in Show!

Great job Marie Antoinette and Elvina for showing her! 💕

World Show Germany

October 27, 2019

At the Mundikat FiFé show in Oss, The Netherlands, Rinacci's Marie Antoinette was nominated for Best in Show!

Catshow Oss

August 31, 2019

In Tienen, our International Champion Jim Dandy ex1 (CACGIB) became Best in Variety!

Catshow Tienen

August 18, 2018

At the Felis Belgica show in Kortrijk on the 18th and 19th of October, Rinacci's Jim Dandy was nominated for Best in Show! Macklemore from Town-House became nominated for Best in Show and won unanimously!

Catshow Kortrijk

November 19, 2017

The FiFé World Show 2017 in Rijswijk, The Netherlands!

An impressive show with over 1700 cats!

Rinacci's Tiger Lily won her first CACIB from a beautiful opponent. Afterwards she came back for the nomination Best In Show with six other Brits!

We are so proud that Lily also won that!

World Show Rijswijk

October 29, 2017

At the Mundikat eastershow in Nieuwegein, The Netherlands, Rinacci's Jim Dandy became Best in Variety today!

Catshow Nieuwegein

April 17, 2017

Big news!

We can announce with proud that Pampurred English Rose from The United Kingdom arrived with us! We've waited for more than 2 years for this beauty - a dream come true!

Showed in UK > 1st and Best of Breed, along with 3 other finals where she was first!

New cat from the United Kingdom!

October 25, 2014

Catshow in Delft, The Netherlands:

  • Rinacci's Dark Truffle > CACGI

  • Lancelot de Lac Eclat du Soleil > CACIB and Best in Variety. Lancelot can call himself from today on an International Champion!

  • Remington Steel of Tommy's Town House > CAC. Remington is from today on a Champion!

  • Fieneliens Lilac Lady > CACE and nomination Best in Show!

Catshow Delft

December 9, 2012

We were at the Supreme Cat Show in NEC Birmingham, United Kingdom. A Rinacci cat participated at the show, Rinacci's Fantastic Storm, who lives in the United Kingdom with Pam Beardsmith. Storm was First in his category and became Best Breed! Congrats to Storm and it's new owner!

Catshow Birmingham

November 24, 2012

Today the show in Delft, The Netherlands. The results are:

  • Rinacci's Prince of Wales > CACE

  • Rinacci's Cinnamon Flower > CACE, Best in Variety and participation Best in Show! Flower is now a European Champion!

  • Fieneliens Lilac Lady > CACIB, Best in Variety and participation Best of Best!

We are so proud of our cuties! 😊

Catshow Delft

December 11, 2011

We were at the catshow in Hamme. The results were: Rinacci's Cinnamon Flower got CAGCI and participated for Best In Show so is now a Great International Champion! Fieneliens Lilac Lady got her second CAC, is Best In Variety, participated for Best In Show en also got a Special prize! Kailine Bullerbue got her second CACIB. Rinacci's Prince of Wales got excellent 2.

Catshow Hamme

October 17, 2011

At the catshow on the 25th and 26th of December in Belgorod Russia, Rinacci's Eva got excellent 1 and nomination for Best in Show, another excellent 1 and nomination Best In Show, Best Kitten monopedigree show British Shorthair cats - Best Kitten Special Breed Show British Shorthair. Congratulations Elena!

Catshow Belgorod Russia

December 28, 2010

Cattery Rinacci


October 29, 2023

World Show France

The FiFé World Show took place in Stasbourg, France! We were present with Peppermint Jack and Rinacci's Hercule Poirot, who's moving to it's new owner Pamela Lanigan in Perth, Australia. 💕

Peppermint Jack became first in 4 blue cats en scored his second CACIB point, on it's way to his international title!

Rinacci's Hercule Poirot got ex1 in the junior category.

February 3, 2024

Mundikat Show Rosmalen

We had so much fun at the Mundikat show today!

Since her first litter, Dolly Parton made her comeback to cat shows, scored CAC and was nominated for best in show. 🫶🏻

So proud of our Peppermint Jack too, because he got CACIB wich means he can call himself an international champion from now on! 😻

And last but not least, our youngest girl Miss Rinacci made her debut, being a promising queen regarding the judges and got her first EX1 and CACC in the kitten category! 💕

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