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Looking for a new roommate? We have a litter of kittens every now and then!

When interested in a Rinacci kitten, we expect you to present yourself / your family and your motivation. This can be about your living / work conditions and possibly other pets. It's important to us to get to know you and we're hoping to have an idea of where our kittens are going to live.

Check this page when interested, check our planning or send your motivation for the waiting list.


Kittens born!

Rock n Rose Ville Ancienne Gotham Peppermint Jack
Rock 'n Rose Ville Ancienne &
IC PL*Gotham Peppermint Jack

Rock 'n Rose has given birth in March to 3 healthy kittens.

Born: 2 blue females and 1 blue male.

Rinacci's Billie Jean has given birth in March to 5 healthy kittens.

Born: 2 chocolate females & 1 lilac male.

Rinacci's Billie Jean &
CH Rinacci's Uncle Duck
Rinacci's Billie Jean Uncle Duck
Rinacci's Bella Grace Gotham Peppermint Jack
IC Rinacci's Bella Grace
IC PL*Gotham Peppermint Jack

We expect kittens in the following colors: males in blue and cream and females in blue or blue tortie.

Timing: summer 2024

Blood type: B

Tested: HCM, PKD, FIV & FeLV

IC Rinacci's Dolly Parton
IC PL*Gotham Peppermint Jack

We expect kittens in the following colors: males in blue, blue bicolour, cream and cream bicolour, females in blue tortie and three colors

Timing: summer 2024

Blood type: B

Tested: HCM, PKD, FIV & FeLV


You can consult the planning for the coming months over here. When interested, you can send us your motivation.

Cattery Fokker Brits korthaar  Fokker Britse korthaar Kweker Brits korthaar Rinacci Brits Korthaar Cats Britten Chatons Gent Brugge Eeklo Oost vlaanderen West vlaanderen BKH BSH BRi kittens Katjes Raskat Kat stamboom Belgium Blue Lilac Chocolate Cinnamon Crème  Fawn  Zwart  Bicolor  Blue tortie  Britse korthaar British Shorthair Poezen poes Poesjes  Pampurred Pampurred British  Shorthair Coppins  Challenger Luludi Roxera From Town-House Van de Kraayenberg Ballyhara Pinemarten  Van Black Lake  Popsox Finch  Brilliantovaya Of Angevin Wasabi  Van de Nijehoeve Cancion de Cuna Of Royal Angel Melior  Lovely Panther Angels Shelter Air Force Cat Limatz  Pepe Le Pu Brylantowa Elita*PL Of Perla Poludnia*PL Gemcat  Katango  Blue Eldar Van het Woelige Leven Daisy’s Home Joufflu Vom Wernerwald Onlybricat *PL Gotham Million Reasons*PL Revodna Clever Paws Misiowe Marzenie  Henajuetras Albilea, CZ Of Aydindril*PL Willowood  Van Sonswijck Stonemarr  Union Jack Jabbeke Varsenare Kolinga Garibaldi

Our kittens are born in our living room and grow up with a lot of love and comfort. They get used to people, sounds and other surroundings in the daily enviroment.

With a lot of love and care our kittens are raised under the wings of their mother, growing up to be healthy, beautiful and social pets.

We solely breed with animals that are tested on HCM, PKD, FIV and FeLV. You can find more info in our full policy.

Cattery policy

Sometimes as a breeder you have to move a cat to a new home.

Not because he / she is sick, but because the cat isn't happy in the group anymore. We then have to choose to put our own feelings aside and primate the happiness of the cat.

Are you interested? We are looking for a new, warm home for an adult cat. Contact us with a description of you and your family, your motivation and why you think to guarantee a new loving home!

New home

Cattery Rinacci


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